Company Introduction

HWANGKUM STEEL AND TECHNOLORY, the company creating a non-rusting environment.
Company Introduction
We have grown until now with trust and support of our customers. Based on that belief, we will grow further to provide the best products and services with all our passion and sincerity.
We are
constantly challenging and researching to secure the best production technology, develop the latest products,
provide the best service to our customers and create the right corporate culture.

"Since foundation in 1986, our company has grown into a professional producer of stainless steel products. We have expanded our handling product line gradually to stainless hot-rolled and cold-rolled products, surface-processed products, and even heavy steel products.
By establishing Carbon Steel Coil Center in Pugok Industrial Complex in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province in 2008, our company emerged as a truly steel company as in name.
In 2016, we expanded our production capacity significantly by constructing and relocating its Sihwa plant in Ansan to Multi-Techno Valley, and secured nationwide sales networks in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon and Jeju to quickly supply products to customers."

"With the trend of stainless steel products more advanced, our technology research institute is continuously striving to research and develop new technologies and new products, which include the development and mass production of the latest titanium color coating technology. We are committed to becoming an honest and trusted company, a company that works with customers to create customer value.
We will usher in a new era not as a company that adapts to change, but as a company that drives change as a leader of technology."