HWANGKUM STEEL AND TECHNOLORY, the company creating a non-rusting environment.
Product Descriptions
Ti Color
PVD method enables a variety of colors to be applied to stainless steel surfaces. This product has a fine and dense surface of rigidity, and we have improved aesthetic and internal corrosion and wear resistance.
Ti Color
In the vacuum chamber, titanium ion is strongly deposited into the stainless steel plate and the proper gas mixture in the process gives it a various range of colors.
We have implemented various colors, by depositing Titanium ions of rigidity on the surface of Stainless Steel using P.V.D.(Physical Vapor Deposition) process.
We can automate all processes to consistently manage and ensure color difference and surface quality.
In addition to the basic colors of gold, bronze, brown, and black, most of colors such as blue, purple, and green are producable.
Specification & Available size range
Steel Grade Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
304/201/430 0.5~3.0 ~1,524 ~6,000