Company Introduction

HWANGKUM STEEL AND TECHNOLORY, the company creating a non-rusting environment.
Titamax is a combination of Titanium and Maximum.
Titanium is an essential material used in the main product of Titamax and also it means TITAN, which is a giant in Greek.
The utmost effort to make the best product
Titamax is a company which produces the best products and services with customers.
"TITAMAX uses PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process to make the product color clear, and solid.
This means that the Stainless Steel is encountered with various colors like a solid and exact interlocking lock."
Design Concept
"Symbolmark visualized the strong bond of colorless and colored. Stainless Steel's colorful encounter is represented by images of a rigid lock which is fastened up and down."
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