HWANGKUM STEEL AND TECHNOLORY, the company creating a non-rusting environment.
Product Descriptions
Inco Color
It's a reasonably cost-effective color product produced by electro-chemical method.
Inco Color
We are implementing various colors using light interference, processed by difference in thickness of the oxide layer. A layer of oxides, approximately 2-3nm thickness, is formed by depositing stainless in an acid solution.
Various colors can be visualized, using visual interference phenomenon of chromium oxide, which is formed by chemical-electrical process.
Inco HL(Hair Line) products are characterized by reasonable price and various utilization.
Inco MR(Mirror) products are increasingly used in lighting parts and shelves, as the interior becomes more advanced.
In addition to HL and MR suface, TITAMAX can be applied to a variety of surface processing products.
Specification & Available size range
Steel Grade Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
304/201 0.5~3.0 ~1,524 ~5,000